The Rasor Family


For over 45 years, Whiteford's Inc. has been a KFC franchisee. Starting in 1975, Frank Whiteford purchased his first store, while acquiring five more in the coming years.


In 1996 Mr. Whiteford sold 50% of Whiteford's, Inc. to Jake Rasor. On January 1, 2002, Mr. Rasor purchased the remaining 50% of Whiteford's Inc. from Frank Whiteford and became owner and President of Whiteford's Inc.

Jake has grown Whiteford's Inc. from his original 4 KFC locations to now 25 KFC stores and growing.

Today Whiteford's Inc. has 25 locations spanning South Carolina and Georgia.


Mission Statement


To do as much as we can, in the place that we are, with the time that we have.



Provide outstanding customer service through continued development of our people and to add value to the communities we serve.


Core Values

  • Our restaurants look and feel like home

  • Our people are our family

  • Training is what we do

  • We do the right thing even when no one is looking

  • We serve hot food, fast, and friendly

  • We all win together