Starting with six KFCs in 1996 Whiteford's has now grown to twenty-five stores and three brands. 


We here at Whiteford's enjoy aligning ourselves with brands that fit our core values. That is why we have chosen to partner with KFC, Taco Bell, & Long John Slivers. 

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Kentucky Fried Chicken

People join our KFC family for a wide variety of reasons, but they discover so much more about themselves through their training programs, family atmosphere, and the pride they have in their brand. It's no wonder that we have taken our company from four original restaurants to twenty-six.

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Taco Bell

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Serving craveable food is Taco Bell's main mission. But food is just one component that drives the brand's cult-like following. Today, we own two combinations KFC- Taco Bell in South Carolina. What's better than one delicious brand, two of course.

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Long John Silvers

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As the only responsible pirate on the sea, Long John Silvers sources real seafood from real sea places. Guests are treated to an unforgettable experience angling to give you that warm and crumblies feeling. Join us at one of our two Upstate, South Carolina Locations!



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Whiteford's has two sister companies that oversee other brands. 

Click the links to check out NRG & MRG

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