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2022 Whiteford's Reach Grant Winners

KFC Reach Grant helps KFC Employees pursue their dreams of going to college. With 4 winners this year Whiteford's is CELEBRATING big.

Dana Dixon (KFCL765025) and D'Omini Daniely (KFCL765016) show off their 2022 KFC Reach Grant Checks along with COO Argus Wiley, Director of Operations Patrick Williams, Director of Training Erina Casebolt, and Area Coach Tim Rogers.

When you have to pay for school yourself, this makes a huge impact. It helps me achieve where I want to go.

Dana Dixon, Shift Supervisor at KFCL765025 Swainsboro, explains how the KFC Reach Grant makes an impact on her life and achieveing her dreams of becoming a Travel Nurse.

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The REACH Educational Grant Program helps KFC employees pursue their dreams of going to college. Employees of any age, and position, pursung any degree could recieve money to help them attend the accredited four-year, two-year, trade/vocational school, or graduate school of their choice.

In 2022, 631 KFC restaurant employees across the country will benefit from the KFC Foundation's 2022 REACH Educational Grant Program. The KFC Foundation will award more than $2 million in REACH Grants thanks to the continued suppor t of KFC Franchisees and the KFC Corporation, as well as Round Up fundraising at KFC restaurants.

This year four Whiteford's employees applied for the KFC REACH Grant and were selected as WINNERS! Each employee recieved REACH grants ranging from. $3000 to $3,500 per grant.


De'Omini Daniely

De'Omini Daniely is a Shift Supervisor at KFC L765025 out of Macon Ga, UGA student, two time REACH Grant recipient, SPIA ambassador, Phi Sigma Phi & Theta Nu Xi member who has her sights sent on making the world a better place.

She is currently a full time student and a double major in International Affairs & Political Science crushing her college career at the University of Georgia (GO DOGS!), with the ultimate goal of one day becoming a Diplomat for the United States.

"KFC and Whiteford's has helped me towards my goals by giving me a sence of unity and family as a whole. They have helped me understand how to balance work, school, and life so I can be successful.

Dana Dixon

Kalyn Haney

Jazmine Richardson

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